Corporate Profile

We are Kerr Wood Leidal. Since 1975, we've been providing water infrastructure engineering services for builders, developers, and resource companies, from government to industry and First Nations. We've made significant contributions to some of BC's most well-known projects, from various Olympic venues to municipal infrastructure and resource projects.

Our expertise is water, in all its implications for engineering projects—from water supply and resources, to wastewater treatment and stormwater management, water-based power generation and the many aspects of water that can affect land development

From the beginning, it has been our vision to be the most successful and respected water infrastructure engineering company in Western Canada—and in the eyes of many of our clients we continue to achieve that on every project.

We apply the most advanced modeling and data-collection and management technologies, and combine those approaches with the knowledge that comes from decades of experience. From the most preliminary surveys and feasibility studies, to master planning, computer modeling, construction services and project management, you can trust KWL for results that are innovative, practical and sustainable.

With 40 years of engineering excellence under our belts, our track record speaks for itself.