Asset Management

Infrastructure asset management is a systematic, integrated and multidisciplinary process for developing, operating, maintaining, and upgrading public infrastructure assets.  It is an essential set of practices and tools for delivering infrastructure services sustainably at expected levels of performance, cost and risk. 

Our asset management experts have years of experience working successfully with public and private sector clients to develop comprehensive asset management programs spanning every scope and stage in the infrastructure development process.  We work closely with our clients to design programs that are both cost-effective and easy to implement over the long term.

Our strategic planning approach is predicated on excellent communication and a clear understanding of each client’s unique needs.  We believe that the best asset management programs are made by a community, for the community.  We work closely with our clients to ensure that asset management programs reflect community values and are integrated within existing local policy and practices. 

We offer clients in-house expertise that includes engineering, planning, communications, and finance specialists, who provide a full range of services, including:

  • Collaborative team building and skills development,
  • Strategic visioning and planning,
  • Financial planning and analysis,
  • GIS and infrastructure inventory development,
  • Infrastructure condition assessments,
  • Risk assessment and prioritization,
  • Level of service analysis,
  • Community awareness strategies, and
  • Program implementation.

What our clients say about us:

"Communication and attentiveness is where KWL rocks."

Lou-Ann Watson, Public Works Administration Manager, Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

"(They have) the capacity and depth of expertise to get things done."

Scott Barry, Director of Public Works and Deputy CAO, Northern Rockies Regional Municipality