Energy Planning

Our energy planning services include assisting clients in evaluating power and heat energy options.  We arrange the inventory of options for larger power utilities, and help clients evaluate and implement energy options ranging from hydro power to district energy.

Some of our recent energy planning projects are included below.

Rapid Hydropower Assessment Model (RHAM)

Kerr Wood Leidal developed a computer model called the Rapid Hydropower Assessment Model (RHAM) which identified over 1 million potential power sites, in British Columbia, and determined the best 8,200 for potential development. Using unique algorithms and GIS data, the model can: calculate the power generation of each of the 1 million sites; estimate the development costs for each of the best 8,200 potential projects; and, determine and map the best routes for roads and transmission lines that would service these projects. RHAM allowed KWL to complete an entire assessment, as well as costing, in only four months, instead of the years it would take without the model. KWL’s model has increased not only the level of analysis possible, but also the speed at which it can be done. RHAM has been applied in BC, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Mexico and Brunei. RHAM is an effective  tool in securing clean power for the planet. 

Team Members:  Stefan Joyce, Ron Monk
Contact:  Colleen O’Toole
Completion Date:  August 2015


BC Hydro Resource Option Mapping (ROMAP)

Client:  BC Hydro
Location:  Various locations in BC

Kerr Wood Leidal manages BC Hydro’s Resource Option Mapping (ROMAP).  ROMAP is a spatially enabled Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that contains BC Hydro’s generation options inventory, including key details about potential generation resources.  The generation resource options include a full range of alternatives including wind, solar photovoltaic, hydro, and ocean energy, to name just a few.

KWL’s most recent work on ROMAP included updating the inventory of generation resources, and completing a GIS analysis of access (roads and barge) and power line/interconnection costing.

Team Members:  Stefan Joyce, Ron Monk
Contact:  Colleen O’Toole
Completion Date:  August 2015


Assessment of Geothermal Resources in British Columbia

Client:  Geoscience BC
Location:  Various locations in BC

Kerr Wood Leidal (with its sub-consultant GeothermEx Inc.) was retained by Geoscience BC to assess the economic viability of geothermal energy in British Columbia for electrical power development.  This comprised researching and compilating data on 18 specified geothermal sites, and then providing technical and economic assessment of nine of the most ‘favourable’ sites. 

Estimates of the levelized cost of electricity for those sites were calculated using the specified Geothermal Electricity Technology Evaluation Model(GETEM).  The favourable sites are estimated to have a combined potential of about 400 MW.  The scope of this planning-level study was to use publicly available information only, and consultation with interested parties as well as fieldwork and exploration activities were not part of the approved scope.  Information from project proponents who may have detailed information about particular sites could potentially result in a different cost of electricity than the cost produced by the GETEM model.

Team Member:  Ron Monk
Contact:  Jeff Barker
Completion Date:  October 2015