Water—from drinking water supplies to storm and floodwater to wastewater conveyance and treatment—is critical to nearly every civil engineering project. We at Kerr Wood Leidal provide the full spectrum of engineering consultation, support and management services.

Asset Management

Our asset management experts have years of experience working successfully with public and private sector clients to develop comprehensive asset management programs spanning every scope and stage in the infrastructure development process.


We design and build water-related infrastructure including pumping stations, water supply and wastewater treatment systems, rainfall and stormwater management systems, and access roadways through the most challenging terrain.


Energy is a big part of our business. We assist our clients with evaluating power and heat energy options. We manage the inventory of options for a large power utility and we help our clients evaluate and implement energy options from hydro power to district energy.

Land Development

For land development projects we have planned water and wastewater infrastructures, drainage, flood protection, street lighting and road design—we have secured permits, completed developments and continue to service systems over the long term.

Solid Waste Management

We plan and design solid waste management disposal systems, landfills, recycling and transfer stations, and provide comprehensive advisory services on waste management.


We offer progressive stormwater management solutions that support sustainable development while protecting the environment.


We are experts in the many aspects of wastewater and its pumping, conveyance, hydraulics, and treatment.

Water Resources

Our advanced technologies can accurately predict and help mitigate the risk of water damage along oceans, rivers and creeks, and guide development and/or remediation related to flood and stormwater, erosion, and landscape changes and development.

Water Supply

We have decades of experience in the planning and design of water supply systems for municipal, regional, industrial and resource-industry clients across BC.