Power Generation

Power generation projects are a specialty at Kerr Wood Leidal. Our teams design hydro and diesel generator systems.

We have developed and implemented solutions for new facilities and retrofits, and have evaluated and upgraded existing power plants. Our clients include municipalities, mines, industrial clients, independant power producers and utilities, on all aspects of projects from planning through permitting to construction and operations.

We are experienced with the most advanced, efficient and environmentally-sensitive power generation technologies. We are uniquely skilled in finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

For a list of our services, see below.

Engineering Services for the Gas Industry (application/pdf, 0.89Mb)
Engineering Services for Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Mitigation Services (application/pdf, 1.197Mb)
Energy Efficiency Services (application/pdf, 0.875Mb)
Engineering Services for Mining Applications (application/pdf, 0.974Mb)
Access Road Design and Construction Services (application/pdf, 1.13Mb)
Hydropower Engineering Team (application/pdf, 2.087Mb)
Engineering Services for Hydro (application/pdf, 1.107Mb)
Energy Team (application/pdf, 0.954Mb)