At Kerr Wood Leidal we specialize in all aspects of water, from drinking water to wastewater, from water supply to the planning and management of stormwater—a major source of property damage with environmental implications.

In BC, we are a leader in progressive solutions for stormwater management, and recognized by environental authorities and our clients for our skills in reconciling the conflicts inherent in stormwater projects—the need to protect the environment while supporting sustainable development.

Our stormwater services include:

  • Integrated stormwater management planning
  • Master drainage planning
  • Low Impact Development strategies, design and performance monitoring
  • Hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality modelling
  • Climate, flow and water quality monitoring
  • Stormwater bylaws development and compliance strategies
  • Stormwater treatment systems
  • Wetland treatment systems
  • Stormwater facility design and construction

At KWL, we combine decades of experience with the most advanced design and modelling technologies to develop designs that affordable, efficient, and practical. We are uniquely skilled in finding innovative solutions to complex problems.