Kerr Wood Leidal is all about water—from drinking water to floodwater, including expertise in the many aspects of wastewater and its pumping, conveyance, hydraulics, and treatment options.

Our award-winning wastewater pump stations are renowned for their design that combines engineering effectiveness—in water handling, odour and noise control—with an aesthetic sense.

For government and industrial clients, we have planned, developed and managed the construction of many wastewater projects, including:

  • Wastewater treatment plant retrofits, rehabilitations, and new construction
  • Liquid waste planning
  • Sanitary system planning
  • Inflow and infiltration reduction
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Ground disposal
  • Rehabilitation of underground utilities using trenchless technologies

At KWL, we combine decades of experience with the most advanced design and modelling technologies to develop designs that affordable, efficient, and practical. We are uniquely skilled in finding innovative solutions to complex problems.