Water Resources

While water is essential to life, when it's carried by storms, tidal forces or seasonal melt, it can also be a major cause of property damage, injury and even death. We at Kerr Wood Leidal serve communities who co-exist with water and the forces of nature. Our analyses and engineering services can predict and divert or manage the risk of water damage along oceans, rivers and creeks. Our sophisticated software and other analytical tools can accurately forecast the results of landscape changes and development, and guide the design of water system improvements.

Due to our experience and understanding of the many regulations and approval standards, we are often able to gain approval for a project on the first submission.

We offer a range of water resource services, including:

  • river engineering and fluvial geomorphology
  • geoscientific analyses, creek hazard assessment and mitigation
  • fisheries enhancements
  • hydrologic analysis
  • erosion control and bioengineered bank stabilization
  • floodplain management planning
  • urban and industrial stormwater management
  • drainage pumping

At KWL, we combine decades of experience with the most advanced design and modelling technologies to develop designs that affordable, efficient, and practical. We are uniquely skilled in finding innovative solutions to complex problems.