• Hydraulic Analysis - The Extra Mile

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    Conference Presentation, District Energy, Design, Construction
Hydraulic Analysis - The Extra Mile
IDEA 2016: 107th Annual Conference & Trade Show

City of Surrey's Jason Owen and KWL's Ayman Fahmy co-presented at the 107th annual International District Energy Association (IDEA) Conference & Trade Show on September 22, 2016 in St. Paul, MN.

Energy flow modeling is important for design, but can it be taken further? KWL has incorporated traditional best practices for DES design with modern Hydraulic Analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide better design and planning tools for DES projects. Large local example include growing a DES in tandem with development over a 30-year-planning period (City of Surrey).

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Presentation (application/pdf, 19.389Mb)
KWL & District Energy Systems (application/pdf, 16.325Mb)