• Integrated Approach to Flood Hazard Management

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    Planning, Conference Presentation, Wastewater, Water Resources, Water Supply
Integrated Approach to Flood Hazard Management
2016 BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) Conference

KWL's Mike Currie and James Hallisey from the Resort Municipality of Whistler made a presentation at the 2016 BCWWA Conference in Whistler, BC.


The impact of flooding on critical infrastructure such as transportation, water and wastewater assets can have far reaching consequences on the wellbeing of the community.  A balance between benefits and impacts must be evaluated to achieve an overall improvement in flood risk conditions.  An integrated approach to the flood management options is necessary to ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are optimized.  This presentation describes the perceived flood risk, current practices, methods and regulatory requirements with regard to flood management in Whistler.

Flood control through sediment management by removal or redistribution of gravel from a river bed is considered in many communities in BC as one method to maintain flood protection standards.  The techniques adopted for assessing the sediment load, estimating removal volumes, mitigation options, flood protection benefits, environmental monitoring and compensation works for Fitzsimmons Creek in Whistler are presented.  Un-diked floodplain reaches can pose a risk to critical infrastructure, and additional flood mitigation options should be considered.  The discussion covered the technical and planning considerations for this integrated approach and how these considerations influence flood protection of critical infrastructure in any community.

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