• Water Loss Management Plan for the District of Squamish

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Water Loss Management Plan for the District of Squamish
2012 BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) Conference

KWL's Ryan Lesyshen and District of Squamish's Jenni Chancey made a presentation at the 2012 BC Water and Waste Association annual conference in Penticton, B.C. 


The District of Squamish’s water loss management plan (WLMP) was developed in 2010.  The objectives were to find and fix leaks and also to develop tools for a self-sufficient District water loss team to continue with WLMP initiatives. 

The work included:

  • Bottom-up water audit to assess the system’s current annual real losses;
  • active leakage control including step testing and purchase of leak detection equipment;
  • staff training on use of equipment and active leakage control strategies;
  • development of a district metering area plan, and;
  • a review of the District’s current pressure zoning and an assessment of alternative pressure management techniques.

High leakage areas of the District’s water system were identified and a number of leaks were repaired.  Recommendations for immediate initiatives included the development of district metering areas.  In 2011, three DMAs were established.  Flows to the DMAs are monitored and analyzed for the presence of new leaks.  The goal of this system is to decrease the severity and cost of water main breaks (by improving speed of response) and to identify areas that require leak detection sounding.  The methodology for and results from the first two years of the plan’s implementation are presented. 

Key learning points are:

  • Techniques for assessing and discretizing system water losses;
  • Developing a water loss management program;
  • Active leakage control techniques and automated district meter area monitoring to detect new leaks.

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