KWL Wins Most Innovative Intranet Award

January 30, 2012

KWL won the Most Innovative Intranet Award in the 2012 ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Competition.  KWL received the award for its innovative use of its wiki, the “Kwiki”, to auction off cell phones for charity. 

In the words of ThoughtFarmer:

“Why they won: Like many firms, KWL periodically refreshes the mobile phones of employees. Using ThoughtFarmer, they held an open auction for dozens of smart phones and raised money for charity. They created a page for each phone, then let employees submit their bids by using ThoughtFarmer’s commenting features. The highest bid submitted before the deadline was the winner. In the words of Jonathan Funk, the intranet project manager, ‘In the end, we found a great new way to use our ThoughtFarmer intranet and raised $4230 for the Ronald McDonald House charity.’”

The Kwiki is KWL’s internal wiki that staff members use to collaborate, and to share knowledge and information with each other. 

KWL Wins Most Innovative Intranet Award