Vancouver Island

201 - 3045 Douglas Street
British Columbia
Postal Code:
V8T 4N2
P 250-595-4223
F 250-595-4224

Kerr Wood Leidal was founded by a small team of engineers with a dedication to technical and professional excellence. Today, the company has grown to about 150 people—and we continue to expand the range of specialist skills we offer to our clients—but our focus on quality has never wavered.

Above all, we understand that it takes quality people to produce quality work. Our teams are led by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced minds in the province. Every member of every team has demonstrated the depth of experience and commitment to excellence that is the hallmark of KWL.

Sector Leaders and Senior Specialists

Dave Murray
Water Resources
Rob Warren
Branch Manager - Vancouver Island Office

Project Managers and Specialists

Colwyn Sunderland
Water Supply and Treatment
Craig Sutherland
Water Resources
David Roche
Water Resources Engineer
Elizabeth Lau
Community Infrastructure & Development
Eric Morris
Water Supply and Treatment
Rob Rutherford
Wastewater and Industrial Water Treatment
Robin Parker
Wastewater and Industrial Water Treatment
Rose Sinnott
Water Supply and Treatment
Ryan Lesyshen
Water Supply and Treatment