Yasemin is a project manager with degrees in Soil Science and Environmental Engineering and a Master in Integrated Water Management Engineering. She has experience in diverse scientific and engineering environments to provide a solid understanding of how collaboration and systems approach to problems results in holistic sustainable outcomes. Her experience includes regulatory knowledge at the municipal, provincial, and federal level for a variety of water sources monitoring and analysis programs. She is the senior manager responsible for many industrial wastewater discharge permit holders accounts with experience in watershed water quality, environmental monitoring programs, remote site data collection, and safety.


  • Industrial Wastewater Processes
  • Source Control
  • Water Quality Analysis and Treatment
  • Watershed Protection and Environmental Monitoring Programs
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Environmental Regulations, Bylaws and Best Management Practices


  • Master of Engineering Leadership (Integrated Water Management Engineering), UBC, 2020
  • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering Technology, BCIT, 2010
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Soil Science), University of British Columbia, 2000