Ayman Fahmy is a Professional Engineer with 18 years of experience in the district energy field. He holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo and has worked in different multinational engineering firms. Ayman has been involved in the design, construction, and commissioning of various district energy projects in Canada and the Middle East. He was actively involved in the value engineering, design and construction of many district cooling/co-generation plants for a major district cooling provider in the Middle East. This covered more than ten district cooling plants with a combined design capacity of over 800 MW thermal, which included thermal energy storage and power generation.

Ayman has been the technical reviewer for the SEFC NEU expansions since 2012. He was the project manager of the Phase 1 expansion and has intimate knowledge of the FCEC DES from recently overseeing the development of the SEFC NEU hydraulic model, which included future projections and assessment of multiple scenarios to guide strategic decision making in expanding the system and locating future plants. Ayman was in charge of the detailed design and construction support of the steam to hot water conversion of the University of British Columbia DES including the complete distribution network, the temporary steam to hot water plant and one third of the campus wide ETS.

Ayman is the technical reviewer for multiple low carbon energy generation studies that include various energy sources including sewage heat recovery, geo-exchange, and air source heat pumps (ASHP) including the City of Surrey’s, River District Energy’s low carbon energy studies and the City of Richmond’s micro sewer heat recovery study. He was the technical reviewer for the design and construction of the ADEU Phase 3 expansion which included a plant expansion and addition of geo-exchange fields, as well as the ADEU Phase 4 expansion which included the construction of a mini-plant and installation of ASHPs that integrate with the City’s ambient temperature system.

Ayman will be the mechanical technical reviewer for the project deliverables and will ensure our deep knowledge of the existing system design criteria and operational constraints are appropriately addressed in the study work and guide KWL recommendations to the City moving forward in selecting the most effective alternative for implementation.


  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, The American University in Cairo, Egypt, Double Option: Design/Industrial, January 2000