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Catherine Simpson

Catherine Simpson is a registered professional planner and project manager with over a decade of expertise in infrastructure management and community finance, ranging from strategic planning to detailed financial modelling.  She also specializes in land use and policy planning, having a wealth of skill in facilitation and engagement.  Catherine joined Kerr Wood Leidal Associates in 2014, bringing previous consulting and municipal experience.  She is the head planner at Kerr Wood Leidal Associates, and leads the asset management skills centre. 

Catherine sits on the Federation of Canadian Municipality’s Technical Working Group for the Municipal Asset Management Program.  She also holds a Professional Certificate in Asset Management from the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia.  Catherine is frequently invited to facilitate workshops for clients, and at conferences across Canada, on infrastructure management and capacity building.

Catherine has helped numerous communities assess their organizational capacity, develop asset management plans, and implement all core components of an asset management program.  She is currently leading the development of an Asset Management Guide for BC Region First Nations Communities.  Catherine developed and managed a series of innovative infrastructure pilot projects with scopes spanning community buildings, water systems, sanitary sewer systems, and stormwater systems, and road networks. She excels at seeing the big picture of a project while still being able to understand the details. 

Catherine's clients are primarily municipalities, First Nations communities and senior government agencies.  She works regularly with management teams and Councils to ensure results-driven solutions.