• Colleen O'Toole

  • P.Eng. (BC and YT)
  • Utility Management
Colleen O'Toole

Colleen O’Toole graduated from the University of Guelph's Environmental Engineering program in 2008.  A Project Engineer in KWL's Utility Management Sector, she honors her family traditions through her Aboriginal heritage and her vocation. Colleen is committed to unleashing potential and removing barriers to support the development of Aboriginal people.

Colleen has a diverse range of experience including assessments, feasibility studies, construction oversight and contract administration, GIS-based modelling, detailed design, permitting and approvals with various agencies, specifications and hydraulic modelling. She has also completed the MMCD Certified Contract Administrator Course offered by the Master Municipal Construction Documents Association. Colleen has worked extensively with KWL’s Rapid Hydro Assessment Model and BC Hydro’s Resource Options Mapping which are both inputs to BC Hydro Integrated Resource Plan.  Most recently her project management and engineering work has focused on various stages of developing asset (infrastructure) management programs and plans.