• Peter Tapp

  • Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering, British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Civil Infrastructure
Peter Tapp

Peter Tapp joined KWL in 1991 after obtaining his Diploma of Technology in Civil and Structural Engineering from BCIT. In his early years at KWL, he travelled extensively throughout British Columbia, completing the survey and inspection for a wide range of projects, including municipal infrastructure, river and coastal engineering works, hydroelectric power (IPP), stormwater management, and water and wastewater treatment facilities.

As KWL grew, Peter assumed the role of Survey and Mapping Manager and continues in that role today.  In this capacity, he assembles, coordinates and verifies the available survey information, and compiles the information for its intended purpose. This includes sourcing and acquiring aerial mapping, bathymetric data, Lidar, and data from GIS including orthographic photos, lot boundary (cadastral), infrastructure, etc. He is also responsible for the capital purchase and maintenance of over $250,000 of survey equipment, including conventional and Robotic Total Stations and RTK GPS receivers.

Peter is also a Project Manager and has delivered on a wide range of multidisciplinary projects. Most recently, he provided the civil engineering design and construction services to three prominent, award-winning developments located in the Lower Mainland: Mountain Equipment Co-op’s (MEC’s) retail store in North Vancouver (2012); MEC’s Head Office in Vancouver (2014); and UBC’s District Energy Centre (2016). All of the buildings were completed to a minimum LEED Gold standard.

Recent Work