Project Highlights

The Bow River Bioengineering Demonstration and Education Project (BDEP) is a next generation riverbank erosion protection project for Alberta.  Borne in response to the 2013 flood, it is the largest initiative under the Southern Alberta Fisheries Habitat Enhancement and Sustainability program and is the largest bioengineering project in Calgary.  It elevates the understanding, acceptance and application of bioengineering design by showcasing seven successful common techniques and introducing seven new techniques to expand the bioengineering design toolbox, and by openly sharing project technical documentation, research findings, and performance monitoring results.

“The project will make the City a better place to work and live by immediately providing stream bank remediation, stabilization and flood protection, protecting and enhancing water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, improving watershed health, contributing to climate change resiliency, and significantly facilitating Calgarians knowledge and stewardship of the river and riparian areas.”

– Trevor Rhodes, M.Sc., P.Biol., Leader, Watershed Strategy, City of Calgary