Project Highlights

KWL, in partnership with OSM Illustration, developed “how-to” guides, 1-page overviews, and a video to assist municipalities with integrating climate change and sustainability considerations into their infrastructure levels of service and risk management frameworks.

This project involved drawing on case studies from municipalities across Canada who are leaders in asset management practice and already working to integrate climate change considerations into infrastructure levels of service and risk assessments.

The goals of this project were to:

  • Produce instructional materials, informed by consultations with members of existing FCM asset management working groups, that communities can use to guide the integration of climate change considerations in their asset management system;
  • Mobilize the lessons which have been developed by municipalities represented in the working groups; and
  • Produce materials of varying complexity to suit diverse user needs.

The final Guide will be available on the Federation of Canadian Municipality’s website in March 2020.

Climate Change in Levels of Service and Risk Assessment Video – Release Expected March 2020