Project Highlights

To ensure the province of British Columbia continues to have the electricity it needs during peak demand, BC Hydro added two 500 MW turbines (Mica Units 5 & 6) into existing turbine bays and upgraded a 500 kV Gas Insulated Switchgear at the Mica Generating Station.  Upon completion of this work, BC Hydro committed to restoring the dam crest, main portal, access roads, warehouse and townsite (camp) to their original condition with the objective of achieving a local natural ecosystem.

KWL was retained (with the support of environmental, landscape architect, and electrical subconsultants ) to restore the sites affected by the Mica Unit 5 and Mica Unit 6 projects to their original condition.  This work included developing a basis of design and environmental framework for the decommissioning/restoration work.  An Environmental Restoration Plan (ERP) was also developed, which contained restoration design objectives and criteria, site specific objectives, plant species selection and rationale, site preparation, revegetation and site restoration plans for each site area.