Project Highlights

Kerr Wood Leidal was retained by the City of Surrey to develop a water supply strategy for South Surrey, including the existing pumped pressure zones, gravity intermediate zones, and pressure-reduced low zones and surrounding unserviced lands in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

The study was necessitated by current development pressures in South Surrey and a forecasted population growth from the current 62,500 residents to an ultimate built-out population of 189,000.

The study included:

  • Reviewing the existing system
  • Assigning current demands
  • Forecasting year-2011, year-2016, and OCP build-out demands
  • Assessing the performance (peak hour and fireflow) of the existing and future systems
  • Evaluating Metro Vancouver supply capacity requirements.
  • Evaluating (peak hour and fireflow) capacities of existing infrastructure and forecast of any infrastructure upgrades required prior to 2011, 2015, and ultimate build out, and
  • Confirming the City’s 10-Year Plan projects.

KWL developed cost-effective options to improve water pressure and fire flow supply conditions to meet current and future demands. This included optimization of the pressure settings of the pumping stations and PRV stations, distribution main network upgrades, and pump station upgrades. KWL also completed a cost benefit analysis for up-sizing and upgrading of the future water mains within the ALR.