• Iqaluit Main Power Plant

  • Iqaluit, NU

The 12.6 MW Iqaluit Main Power Plant generates the electrical power for Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut. When Nunavut Power Corporation (NPC) assumed ownership of the plant, it was faced with a facility in need of major upgrades. The plant, built in the 1960s, is inadequate for both current and future needs. NPC also wanted to improve operational and maintenance efficiency and the architectural appearance of the plant. Condition Assessment and Redesign

NPC retained Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL), in association with Gygax Engineering Associates, to assess the facility and develop an upgrade plan. The plan calls for a phased implementation that will result in improved plant functionality and safety, additional capacity and, finally, improved aesthetics. KWL also completed the mechanical design for the $1.5 million Phase 1 upgrades, including engine hall HVAC, new fuel system, and diesel engine air intake and exhaust modifications. The new ventilation control design has a separate air handling unit and ventilation system dedicated to each genset, and will significantly improve conditions for staff working in the engine hall.

Fast-track Schedule

KWL completed the detailed design and procurement for Phase 1 during an accelerated 60-day schedule so that major equipment and construction materials could be delivered before winter, when the supply route would be cut off.

Future Work

The ultimate plant will include a new and expanded office, new fluid-handling facilities, a new crane, and a complete architectural upgrade: NPC desires a show-piece plant suitable for the territory's new capital.