• Middleton Mountain Reservoir

  • Vernon, BC

Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL) was retained by Greater Vernon Water to prepare a preliminary design for a new potable water reservoir in Vernon, BC.  The project included a new access road, watermain, and site work for a 2,500 cubic meter reservoir located on the side of Middleton Mountain.  

The factors influencing the location selection were primarily water system pressures, visual impacts, and cost.  In assessing the water system pressures, the hydraulic grade lines were compared with ground elevations of the proposed service area.  Additionally, the effect of friction piping losses on the pumping rate from the supply pump station were also considered.

Once the optimal reservoir hydraulic grade was determined, location options were identified based on minimizing access road, piping, and reservoir construction costs.

To assess the visual impact of the proposed reservoir, KWL worked closely with a landscape architect to prepare numerous renderings for the different locations and various landscaping design options.  The renderings provided a realistic view of the completed reservoir, site work, and access road.