• Water Supply Assessment for Molson Coors Canada

  • Vancouver, BC

Kerr Wood Leidal was retained by Molson Coors’ (Molson) Vancouver brewery to solve water supply problems.  The brewery had been plagued by intermittent low pressure in its fresh water supply, particularly in the can rinsing station.  This was causing the rinsing station and can line to shut down, resulting in reduced production and revenue.

The goal was to identify the causes of the low pressure problems and improve water supply to the problem areas of the facility.  KWL identified transient pressure waves as the source of the problem and recommended solutions to overcome them.  KWL's recommendations included optimizing the water supply flow and duration to suit the specific equipment demands, installation of a surge tank to regulate transient pressure waves and a full audit of the supply piping to identify pressure loss sources.  As part of the study, KWL updated the water supply drawings to reflect recent process supply water system additions. 

As a result of this work, Molsons was able to mitigate the water supply problems using KWL's recommended solutions.