• Mount Meager Landslide Assessments

  • Pemberton, BC

In August 2010, the largest landslide in Canadian history began when the secondary peak of Mount Meager collapsed.  The landslide became a debris flow moving at a speed of over 200 km/hr, and blocked Meager Creek and the Lillooet River upstream of the communities of Pemberton and Mount Currie, BC.  The landslide dams filled with water, overtopped, and failed, releasing a surge of water, sediment and large woody debris down the Lillooet River.

KWL assisted the emergency response efforts by using a hydraulic model to evaluate the impacts of a dam breach floodwave on the downstream communities.  KWL also prepared an assessment and mitigation plan for managing the effects of debris brought down by the Mount Meager slide.

KWL’s work was subsequently incorporated into a journal paper authored by some of Canada’s most distinguished geoscientists.

To view the paper, please click here.