• Painted Boat Resort Site Civil Works Design and Construction

  • Pender Harbour, BC

Painted Boat Resort is a 2.35 ha oceanfront property in Pender Harbour, BC.  The resort consists of 31 residential units and ancillary buildings and facilities including a spa, restaurant, pool, and caretaker residence.

Kerr Wood Leidal was retained to provide design and construction administration services for the site civil works.  The site facilities and infrastructure were designed to minimize disturbance of site natural features and save as many trees as possible.  The civil infrastructure included:

  • Roads with narrow asphalt surfaces supplemented with wide ecogrid surface shoulders to reduce impervious surfaces.
  • Ecogrid surfaced parking areas (to maximize surface water infiltration to ground).
  • Road-side drainage swales and overland flows with rain gardens.
  • Watermains, water meter chamber and water treatment plant.
  • Building clusters with septic tank pre-treatment.  Effluent is pumped to a common forcemain (two dedicated systems, one for residential units and the other for the restaurant).
  • Two wastewater treatment plants (residential and restaurant).
  • Treated wastewater is discharge to dedicated absorption fields to ground.

A key challenge of this design was the limitation placed on daily restaurant water use. The fail-safe system includes a visual display panel within the restaurant complete with two alarm settings to warn of proximity to daily water use limit, and a solenoid actuated water shut-off (with automatic morning reset) when daily allowance is reached. While this appears onerous, the restaurant has been able to adjust to this requirement, and continue to operate successfully within its water use limits.