• Powerhouse Springs Water Source

  • Squamish, BC

Until 2000, the District of Squamish obtained its drinking water from two surface water sources:  the Stawamus River and Mashiter Creek.  Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL) developed a water supply plan for the District to address the shortcomings of these two sources.  Initially the project was sized to supplement flows during peak demands.  The completed project now supplies the District with 100% of its normal water supply with the surface sources maintained for emergency use only.

After a detailed engineering review of many potential sources, the Powerhouse Springs well site, near the confluence of Powerhouse Creek and the Mamquam River, was selected for development of three groundwater wells.

KWL completed the detailed design of the well field, control and chlorination building, transmission main, and road works.  The first phase of construction included installation of one well, chrlorination facilities, supply main, road works and control valve chambers.  The project included construction of a suspended insulated main under an existing road bridge.  The design was complicated by work in BC Hydro right-of-ways and near environmentall sensitive habitat at Powerhouse Creek and the Mamquam River.  By working closely with the environmental monitor, KWL was able to provide a design that minimized the impact on habitat.

Subsequent phases added another six wells to supply the District's entire water demand.  The ultimate pumping capacity of the wells equals the District’s maximum day demands, meeting the District’s need for water while maintaining the important fish habitat in Stawamus River and Mashiter Creek.