• The Ridge Residential Development

  • Sechelt, BC

The Ridge residential neighbourhood in Sechelt, BC occupies a 10-acre site with commanding views of Georgia Straight, Porpoise Bay inlet, and the Coastal Mountains.  The development comprises 35 single-family lots and four multi-family lots, which include townhouses and condominiums.  The overall philosophy for The Ridge development was that it should not only meet, but exceed the high standards of development already in the area, and that it should be a highly desirable area in which to live.

Kerr Wood Leidal was retained by Legacy Investments to complete the development, which included roads, site servicing, and stormwater management.  The property provided several interesting challenges in terms of site development because much of it is on bare rock with steep grades ranging from 10 to 30 percent.  Significant blasting was required for roads and site services, but the rock was recycled for use in the development.  Much of the rock and excavated material was crushed for road base materials, and large pieces of rock were used to construct retaining walls, most notably around the bluff lookout point.

Stormwater management was also a challenge because of the steep slopes and bare rock.  Runoff from the site is managed through an aesthetically pleasing outlet detention pond with overflow waterfalls and ponds located along the stormwater collection route.  Detention facilities are designed to reduce off-site discharge to pre-development levels for up to a five-year event.  For environmental, drainage, and flood control purposes, detention release rates are limited to pre-development flows for both the two-year and five-year events.  Overland flood flow capacity is designed for the post-development 100 year event.

The site preserves a rock bluff lookout point with its spectacular views.  It also incorporates greenbelt areas with connected pathways and a lookout point mid-way up one of the inclines, thus making it a pleasant place for residents to explore and enjoy.