• Tyson Creek Hydroelectric Project

  • Narrows Inlet, B.C.

The 9.3 MW Tyson Creek Hydroelectric Project is located north of Narrows Inlet, a branch of the Sechelt Inlet approximately 70 km northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia.

KWL completed detailed design for this project.  It is very high head with an elevation difference of 865 m between the lake and the powerhouse.

The project includes a 3 m x 3 m tunnel approximately 450 m in length.  The tunnel will convey water from a natural lake using a subsurface lake tap from the tunnel.  Levels in the lake will be varied to maximize the value of energy produced from the plant.  The penstock runs approximately 4.4 km from the tunnel to the powerhouse.

The powerhouse is 20 m x 10 m and contains the turbine inlet valve, turbine, generator, switchgear, transformer, controls and auxiliaries.  Below the powerhouse, discharge is returned to Tyson Creek via a short tailrace.