Sustainability Statement

We at Kerr Wood Leidal Associated Ltd. strive to be industry leaders in sustainability by integrating sustainable environmental, social, and economic practices into our project work, operations, and corporate decisions. Specifically:

  • Within the context of our areas of responsibility on projects, we will work with our clients to offer innovative,sustainable solutions and to improve industry standard practices. 
  • We will take a leadership role in improving practices and guidelines as they relate to sustainability in our professions and our communities. 
  • We commit to continuous process improvement to optimize the sustainability of our operations.
  • We commit to quantifying our sustainability achievements by developing and reviewing sustainability metrics. 
  • We will prominently display our sustainability commitment.


From APEGBC Sustainability Guidelines (2013):

A sustainable society meets the needs of people in a resilient economy without compromising the planet’s ecological integrity or the needs of future generations.  Sustainability has three pillars that must be integrated in a balanced way:

(a)  environmental: to stay within the biophysical  carrying capacity of our region/country/planet
(e.g. minimize resource use, minimize waste, protect  nature from degradation);

(b)  social: to maintain and protect quality of life and the values that we aspire to live by; and

(c)  economic: to ensure that an adequate  material standard of living is provided for all members of society