Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Our projects make a real difference in people’s lives.

We leave communities better off when projects are completed.

How do we do this? Just a couple of examples:

  • We have held workshops on sustainable infrastructure, coastal adaptation and climate change reaching over 100 Indigenous communities across western Canada. These gatherings provide hands-on training and tools to help communities manage both their infrastructure and natural assets in a rapidly changing world.
  • We have designed and implemented water treatment facilities in many communities, improving access to clean, safe drinking water. This work has included developing water treatment plants that have allowed communities to move off of long-standing do not consume orders and water quality advisories like those requiring boiling of water prior to consumption.

We don’t just make communities better through our work. We also donate our time and money to projects like local tree planting, fundraising for global catastrophes, and employee sabbaticals to allow them to work in areas of the world in need.

We are also proud to contribute and give back to our professional practice communities. We support our staff who volunteer their time with associations like the BC Water and Waste Association, the BC Groundwater Association, the Planning Institute of BC, and the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies. Our teams are also led by some of our industry’s most respected individuals, who are active in making our areas of practice stronger and smarter all the time.