With over 34 years of extensive municipal engineering experience, Anton Benes has been a seasoned professional at Kerr Wood Leidal Associates (KWL) since 1989.  His diverse portfolio includes civil and mechanical designs and technical reviews of numerous fisheries and community-based water, stormwater, and wastewater facilities.  His expertise spans watermain and sewer infrastructure, treatment plants, pumping stations, water storage facilities, standby power, and associated control systems.

Beyond design and review, Anton’s broad-based experience includes project management, design management, site inspection, construction engineering, and contract administration, demonstrating his versatility and comprehensive skill set.

Anton brings a wealth of value in his leadership roles at KWL as a Senior Design Engineer, Technical Reviewer, and Mentor.  He leads projects with precision, ensures design accuracy, and cultivates a learning culture within the team.  Anton’s commitment to quality, strategic insights, and extensive experience make him an indispensable leader in municipal engineering.  His diverse roles enhance project outcomes and reinforce KWL’s reputation for excellence.

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  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia, 1988