Project Highlights

Greater Victoria’s east coast beaches had been plagued by poor water quality and frequent sewage-related debris deposition. The Capital Regional District developed the East Coast Interceptor (ECI) project to improve shoreline water quality in the region. Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL) provided preliminary engineering services for the whole ECI plan.

Currie Pump Station Design

The 1,200 L/s Currie Pump Station is the key pumping and control centre for the entire ECI system. Designed by KWL, the station is one of the most sophisticated in the province. It includes fine-screening and solids containment for major storm overflows, stand-by power, and provision for future wastewater conditioning by oxygen injection. Since the station is located in a prestigious residential neighbourhood, aesthetics, odour, and noise were issues addressed in the design.

Noise Suppression

To control noise, the diesel generator, sewage pumps and drives, carbon scrubbers, and ventilation systems are all acoustically silenced. All air is vented through two silenced chimneys, rather than traditional wall louvres. Ambient neighbourhood noise levels have, therefore, not been adversely affected.

Odour Control

Odour control is accomplished by complex ventilation and carbon scrubbing systems, and by minimizing wetwell turbulence through variable-speed pumping. There is no detectable sewage odour at the property line.

Architectural Features

Through landscaping and architectural design, developed with resident and council involvement, the facility complements its surroundings and has been well accepted by the community.