Project Highlights

The Victoria Airport Authority retained Kerr Wood Leidal Associates to plan, design, and provide construction services for the TenTen Creek Sediment Reduction Project. This project involved realigning and rehabilitating two sections of TenTen Creek that run adjacent to World War II landfill sites located on the Victoria Airport Property.

In the early 1990s, to reduce the risk of surface and groundwater contamination, the landfill sites were capped with impermeable clay to prevent surface water from leaching through the landfill. High flows in TenTen Creek, however, eroded the capping material at the bottom of the landfill slopes, and this led to exposure of landfill debris in the creek channel.

The goal of the project was to reduce the risk of ongoing sedimentation and exposure of landfill debris in the creek. This was achieved by realigning the creek channel away from the landfill slopes, removing landfill debris, and constructing buried erosion protection at the bottom of landfill slopes. Fish habitat enhancements and riparian plantings were also undertaken to improve habitat values in the creek.

The Victoria Airport Authority won the 2017 EcoStar Award for Ecological Stewardship for this project.