Project Highlights

Metro Vancouver (MV) identified over 150 project locations where adding new flow and/or pressure metering devices on existing water mains would allow optimization and performance monitoring of the water distribution network.  This project covered the design and installation of the first nine-meter installations.

A preliminary design phase was conducted in 2017 to collect information about each site and to confirm design criteria and MV requirements.  Initial assessments were performed at each site location, including geotechnical investigations, environmental studies, traffic management plans, and archeological assessments.

Following the preliminary design phase, KWL compiled input from MV and the municipalities and incorporated this into the detailed design for each site and a tender-ready drawing and specifications package.

The new instrumentation (4 clamp-on style ultrasonic flow meters, 1 in-line magmeter, 1 insertion probe in a pressure-reducing valve, and 3 pressure transducers) were installed on watermains ranging in diameter from 300 mm to 1,524 mm.  A total of 5 new concrete chambers were installed, with one precast, and the rest cast in place. KWL provided full-time construction inspection during the installation of the chambers and associated equipment.

The project included collaboration with many stakeholders and managing a large team.  During design, KWL engaged actively with the client and stakeholders, including holding design review workshops with the five affected municipalities for input. KWL’s comprehensive project delivery approach resulted in an organized, inclusive project team and overall project success.