• Flood Protection Challenges and Innovative Solutions in Urban Areas

  • Project Components:
    Case Study, Conference Presentation, Design, Water Resources
Flood Protection Challenges and Innovative Solutions in Urban Areas
2015 Canadian Water Resources Association National Conference

KWL's Dave Murray and Amir Taleghani made a presentation at the 2015 CWRA National Conference in Winnipeg, MB on the challenges of designing flood protection works in urban areas.


Canadian cities are adapting to the current and anticipated effects of climate change, including higher extreme water levels due to hydrological changes and sea level rise. Existing development, transportation infrastructure, and buried infrastructure present significant challenges for flood protection design, and can drive up costs. Where infrastructure conflicts are unavoidable, innovative approaches must often replace standard flood protection designs.

A case study is presented for Grauer Road dike on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia. Design challenges included structural and geotechnical concerns for a major bridge, traffic design, new development, and existing buried and overhead utilities. The design team developed an unconventional dike and road design involving a sheet pile wall and lightweight fill. The guiding principles in developing this innovative design are discussed. High-level observations and recommendations are presented in support of integrated flood hazard management planning in urban areas with existing infrastructure and increasing development pressure.

GrauerRoadDikeReplacement.pdf (application/pdf, 3.329Mb)