Project Highlights

BC Climate Action Secretariat

KWL evaluated electrification options for the BC Climate Action Secretariat.  Electrification is a key strategy for BC to meet its 2020 and 2050 greenhouse gas reduction targets.  Based on the policy actions identified and the evaluation in this report electrification contributes 15 Mt (37%) to the 2020 target and 65 Mt (55%) to the 2050 greenhouse gas reduction target compared to the 2050 reference case.

The key electrification actions through the above policies are:

  • Increase the use of air and ground source heat pumps in residential and commercial buildings for space and hot water heating;
  • Increase the use of building integrated photovoltaics;
  • Increase the use of biomass and biofuels;
  • Increase efficient electricity use in the industrial sector through new transmission lines and incentives, energy pricing and programs to encourage electro technologies;
  • Deploy electric vehicles; and
  • Encourage electrified transit to reduce personal vehicle use.