Project Highlights

The proposed Patricia Creek Hydro Power Project will provide a source of renewable electricity for a luxury resort, near Campbell River, B.C., which is not connected to the BC Hydro power grid. In 2008, KWL was retained to perform a feasibility study and impact assessment for development of a small hydro project to replace existing diesel generators at the resort.

KWL performed flow measurements, installed a satellite-monitored gauging station, performed engineering and environmental site visits, hydrology and power studies, and developed conceptual designs and cost estimates. KWL was the lead consultant for the impact assessment work, and engaged subconsultants to perform biological studies. KWL performed regulatory agency consultation and prepared and submitted the Water Power Development Plan for the water licensing and land tenure applications.

KWL’s recommendations included increasing the project head and size of the plant to provide for estimated long-term firm-energy forecasts at the resort. Of primary concern was designing the project with low visual and environmental impact due to the pristine location.

The project is currently being reviewed by provincial regulatory agencies.

The proposed project will include:

  • construction of a low weir and flow regulation at Patricia Lake,
  • an intake diversion structure on Patricia Creek,
  • instream flow release in the bypass reach for mitigation of impact to fisheries,
  • 2.8 km of buried HDPE and steel penstock,
  • small powerhouse and indoor substation at the fish barrier,
  • 1.3 MW Pelton turbine and synchronous generator
  • 11 km of buried three-phase 25 kV transmission line,
  • 2 km submarine cable crossing, and
  • reactivation of 6 km of existing Forest Service Roads and bridges.