Project Highlights

Perched on the edge of the verdant coast of Vancouver Island, the Penelakut Tribe (also known as Spune’luxutth’) is a vibrant community of approximately 950 members with a rich connection to its ancestry and culture. As an integral part of its journey toward self-governance, the Penelakut Tribe retained KWL to assist with the completion of its Land Use Plan, which incorporates community values into the preservation, growth, and development of its lands. The Plan is decision-making tool for implementing the Penelakut Tribe’s Comprehensive Community Plan.

KWL worked closely with the Penelakut Tribe Chief and Council, Elders Committee, and staff to develop the Land Use Plan and provide mentorship and technical resources throughout the process. Development of the plan involved a robust public process to ensure that all members of the community – including children, youth, families and elders – had the opportunity to contribute to the final Land Use Plan. Consultation was guided by the overarching Consultation Plan developed by KWL with considerable staff and Council input.

Key features of the project included understanding existing conditions, mapping and analyzing current and potential land uses, and creating an Implementation Plan. Traditional stories from the Spune’luxutth’ history were woven throughout the Land Use Plan to reflect the community’s rich cultural heritage. In addition to the visually appealing and easy to follow Land Use Plan, a poster of key features was provided for each family in the community to recognize their significant contribution to the project and future of the Penelakut Tribe.