• Coal Wastewater Treatment System at Neptune Bulk Terminals

  • North Vancouver, BC

Kerr Wood Leidal was retained by Neptune Bulk Terminals Co. Ltd. (NBT) to design upgrades to its wastewater treatment system that treats runoff from coal storage piles.  The upgrades included:

  • Design of a large storage pond that helps to attenuate flow during large storms and clean the wastewater
  • Design of pump stations to deliver the site runoff water to the wastewater treatment systems
  • Design of a coagulation mix tank system to improve the efficiency of the coagulant dosing and mixing and improve effluent quality
  • Modifications to a rectangular clarifier to improve solids removal efficiency and effluent quality, and
  • Assessment of storm magnitudes, expected storm runoff rates, and sizing of the ponds, conveyance and treatment systems.

The KWL's upgrades contributed to improved water quality of the treated effluent, and continued compliance with NBT's liquid waste discharge permit.