Project Highlights

The City of Abbotsford retained KWL to develop an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) for the 2.5 hectare Clayburn Creek watershed. The watershed is mountainous, with a significant portion of it covered in second growth forest. It contains some large-acreage residential properties, single-family residences, and agricultural lowlands. Plans for future development include more single-family and suburban residential land use with limited multi-family and commercial/industrial zones.

Clayburn Creek supports five salmon and trout species, and its riparian corridor provides regionally-important species-at-risk habitat. Flooding from Clayburn Creek is a problem in the lowland areas including Clayburn Village, Clayburn Road, and agricultural areas. The objectives of the ISMP are to protect environmentally important areas of the watershed while resolving the flooding issues and planning for future development. Key issues addressed in the ISMP include:

  • severe erosion in the upper ravine reaches;
  • sedimentation in lowland channel reaches, leading to frequent flooding in Clayburn Village; and
  • development planned in large sections of the watershed.

The ISMP recommendations should minimize lowland flooding and are designed to complement the City’s OCP and sustainability goals. Its development involved extensive work by an integrated team including city staff, a multidisciplinary consulting team, DFO, a project Advisory Committee, and the general public.