Project Highlights

KWL worked with the multi-disciplinary team retained by School District 44, led by KMBR Architects, to design and construct a preferred alignment for the 80 m of the daylighted creek from the southeast corner of Fromme Road and Frederick Road to a restored confluence with Hastings Creek just south of the school property.  The design incorporates features which allow for a relocated and daylighted stream with functional riparian habitat.  The daylighted creek’s significant benefits include:

  • reduced flood and erosion risk;
  • improved flood conveyance;
  • fish access into lower Kilmer Creek;
  • 246 m² of new instream aquatic habitat;
  • 2087 m² of new functional riparian habitat;
  • enhanced habitat connectivity for local biodiversity; and
  • reduced risk of sedimentation.

KWL has provided environmental advice as part of the design of the Kilmer Daylighting and Culvert Replacement project since 2016.  Although KWL did not lead environmental permitting on the project, our team did provide environmental advice on fish passage, the ecological benefits of daylighting, and an environmental impact assessment for a tributary of Hastings Creek on the east side of Argyle School property.

The proposed realignment and daylighting will address previously identified water capacity issues, reduce the risk of flooding at culvert inlets, minimize the risk of flooding to private property and public infrastructure, and restore fish habitat values within the lower reaches of Kilmer Creek.

Due to the changing nature of environmental approvals on the project, the KWL environment team was able to contribute to the Kilmer Creek Daylighting project. Our environment staff provided expert advice on the Channel Realignment Implementation and Effectiveness Monitoring Plan, the habitat balance and offsetting ideas, and a technical memo on fish habitat connectivity.