Project Highlights

Kerr Wood Leidal developed a computer model called the Rapid Hydropower Assessment Model (RHAM) which identified over 1 million potential power sites in British Columbia, and determined the best 8,200 for potential development.  Using unique algorithms and GIS data, the model can: calculate the power generation of each of the 1 million sites; estimate the development costs for each of the best 8,200 potential projects; and determine and map the best routes for roads and transmission lines that would service these projects.

RHAM allowed KWL to complete an entire assessment, as well as costing, in only four months, instead of the years it would have taken without the model.  KWL’s model has increased not only the level of analysis possible, but also the speed at which it can be done.  RHAM has been applied in BC, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Mexico, and Brunei.  RHAM is an effective tool in securing clean power for the planet.