Project Highlights

In this add-on to the Byrne Creek ISMP, KWL demonstrated the application of stormwater source controls in redeveloping areas of the City of Burnaby. The project:

  • developed and showed cost implications of source controls;
  • addressed source control construction inspection requirements; and
  • discussed the feasibility of those source controls with various City departments.

KWL developed conceptual figures showing how source controls could be incorporated into the design of three upcoming developments in Burnaby and met with the various City departments to obtain comments. The three examples covered single-family residential, multi-family residential, and commercial development scenarios. A design memo accompanying the figures included the relevant design criteria, inspection requirements, and maintenance schedule. One of the project deliverables was a set of detailed design drawings for three typical single-family residential scenarios, so that home owners and developers of those types of lots could incorporate source controls into the site design for without the need for additional engineering for the source controls.