Project Highlights

The City of Surrey retained Kerr Wood Leidal Associates to design and provide construction services for the Burrow Pump Station Upgrades. Environmental monitoring and fish salvage were an important part of the construction phase due to the project’s location on the Nicomekl River. Given the location and nature of the work, key environmental concerns included erosion and sediment control, instream works, and prevention of fuel spills. Mitigation measures such as silt fence around disturbed soils, silt curtains around instream works areas, and use of spill trays and adherence to proper fuel management practices were paramount in minimizing impacts to the surrounding watercourses as a result of the project works.

KWL salvaged thousands of fish from four isolation areas, two each in the Nicomekl River and Burrows ditch. This included full isolation and dewatering of the Burrows ditch forebay. Due to challenging site conditions (muddy wading conditions, large areas of deep water), minnow traps and dip netting were the primary methods of salvage. This included active dip netting during dewatering of isolation areas to increase fish salvage efficiency.

All regulatory permits for instream works and fish salvage were prepared and submitted by KWL prior to the commencement of the works. This included ongoing communication with regulators regarding changes to project timelines and updated mitigation measures.